About us

About Us

Rondanini UK has been managed by the De Vito family since 1989. We supply the leading supermarket groups with both branded and own label fine foods as well as the leading foodservice and restaurant groups. In addition to importing food to Britain, we now also export to Ireland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary.

We have a subsidiary business that manages our restaurant and café division. In partnership with the Voltan family, we manufacture fresh pasta under the Giordani brand.

Our history

The UK’s love affair with Italian food began in the 1980s. Increased demand for authentic Italian ingredients, such as Salami Milano, Parma Ham and Parmigiano Reggiano led many of Italy’s major food manufacturers to seek representation in the market. One such company was Luigi Rondanini SPA; founded in Milan in 1929, they had become one of Italy’s leading charcuterie manufacturers. Gianni Rondanini and his wife Dada, realising the potential of the export market, found the ideal person to start Rondanini UK: Dante de Vito, an Italian from Avelino who had worked for three decades in the British food industry, including senior management positions at Trusthouse Forte and BrentWalker group. 

Dante De Vito and his sons Adriano & Jason set up Rondanini UK primarily to sell charcuterie made by the Rondanini family in Milano. Inevitably great quality produce, excellent service and good prices ensured that the range grew to include continental cheeses, fresh and dry pasta, olive oils and vinegars.


Dante (middle)


Gianni and Dada                  Dante and his wife Christine